Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man All stages16025:29 NES06/30/2018      
Mega Man All stages (Buster only)729:16 NES02/03/2019      
Mega Man Zipless4924:22NES02/04/2019   1   
Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Buster Only)1934:07 Emulator Nestopia11/19/2017      
Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)12431:42NES02/15/2022      
Mega Man 3 Any%13140:51 NES 06/09/2019   1   
Mega Man 9 Any%6636:58 PC Steam LC201/15/2019   1   
Dr. Wily's Revenge Any%518:30 SGB204/20/2020      
Mega Man II Any%1619:49SGB204/19/2021      
Mega Man III Any%729:00 SGB204/30/2020      
Mega Man IV Any% Buster Only143:59 SGB202/13/2019      
Mega Man IV Any%239:55.11 SGB205/28/2018   4   
Mega Man V Any% (Buster Only)353:59 SGB2 03/21/2019      
Mega Man V Any%344:38SGB2 04/27/2020      
Mega Man: The Wily Wars Mega Man 1 (Console)322:31Genesis 12/03/2019      
Mega Man: The Wily Wars Mega Man 2 (Console)231:18 Genesis 12/16/2019   1   
Mega Man: The Wily Wars Mega Man 3 (Console)344:41Genesis 01/26/2020      
Mega Man I-V (Game Boy) Any%22:41:38 (IGT)SGB204/24/2020   2