Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1Jugoomba1:25:411:22:00Game Boy Player 02/05/2023      
2Yashi1:27:081:24:00Game Boy Player 03/16/2023      
3Address1:31:111:28:00Wii U Virtual Console 08/26/2022      
4kumasyatyou1:32:431:29:00Wii U Virtual Console 08/26/2022      
5candydrop1:37:471:34:00Wii U Virtual Console 08/23/2022      
6Smog 1:38:31 1:35:00Game Boy Advance 06/03/2021      
7Risch 1:38:541:35:00Emulator BizHawk v2.6.202/28/2022      
8hiryu01:45:041:41:00Game Boy Player 04/10/2022      
9dalusexe 1:49:22 1:45:00Emulator VBA-RR v24 svn48008/16/2020      
10shiba1:54:29 1:50Game Boy Player 08/09/2020      
11TimeLink 1:58:50 1:55:00Emulator BizHawk v2.6.2 (mGBA Core)03/10/2022      
12Tterraj42 2:11:04 2:07:00Emulator VBA-RR v23.6 svn48011/13/2015      
13ProdigalElpizo2:40:412:39:00Emulator mGBA01/30/2021      
14Binkledurg2:42:57 2:41:00Emulator 01/12/2021      
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