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Mega Man 10

Any% in 34:54 by Darko


Bad End (NG+) V 1.1+ in 6:31.42 by ScifiGemini0616


Mega Man X6

Any% Ultimate X in 11:59 (IGT) by VictorHenrique



Bad End (NG+) V 1.1+ in 6:47.78 by TRGreninja



Bad End (NG+) V 1.1+ in 6:37.97 by PinkieTV


Mega Man Unlimited

Any% (Z-Prototype) in 30:14 by McBobX


Mega Man 7

Any% in 42:01 by Ppotdot1

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
06/23/2024VictorHenrique Mega Man X Collection Mega Man X3 (Any%)828:30 Emulator DuckStation   
06/16/2024GeneralAndrews Mega Man Zipless5624:50 NES   
06/21/2024Darko Mega Man 10 Any%1434:54 Wii   
06/20/2024CynanMachae Mega Man 4 Any%8741:22 NES1   
06/20/2024ScifiGemini0616 FLARE NUINUI QUEST Bad End (NG+) V 1.1+16:31.42PC   
06/20/2024oltxiaojiangRockman Claw Any%421:44Emulator Mesen1   
06/18/2024JoeyNGaming Mega Man 6 Any%10152:33Emulator BizHawk1   
06/18/2024JoeyNGaming Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 62051:27PC Steam1   
06/18/2024VictorHenrique Mega Man X6 Any% Ultimate X111:59 (IGT)Emulator DuckStation   
06/17/2024TRGreninja FLARE NUINUI QUEST Bad End (NG+) V 1.1+36:47.78PC   
06/16/2024PinkieTV FLARE NUINUI QUEST Bad End (NG+) V 1.1+26:37.97PC   
06/16/2024McBobX Mega Man Unlimited Any% (Z-Prototype)130:14 PC 1.3.13   
06/15/2024Ppotdot1 Mega Man 7 Any%1142:01 Emulator Snes9x v1.53   
06/13/2024GreenFrogFLARE NUINUI QUEST Good End (Any%) V 1.1+318:13.33PC   
06/12/2024NrGzam Mega Man X 100%1635:31SNES 1   
06/12/2024VictorHenrique Mega Man X6 All Stages1422:10 (IGT)Emulator DuckStation   
06/11/2024AshtonRTA Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)9331:06.5 Emulator Mesen3   
06/10/2024Aptamerica1 Mega Man X Any%6633:13 SNES 1   
06/07/2024TRGreninja FLARE NUINUI QUEST Good End (NG+) V1.0216:01.58PC   
06/07/2024OwlyForest Mega Man X 100%18039:15Emulator SNES9x 1.62.3   
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