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Mega Man

All stages in 18:45 by werking34

Mega Man X4

100% (Zero) in 44:55 by OverlordGuillo

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

X4 Any% (Zero) in 41:37 by SomeChileanWeeb


Mega Man X7

100% in 1:10:35 by LuizMiguel


Mega Man 10

Bass (Easy) in 33:12 by tosbor20


Mega Man X3

Any% in 40:04 by sigel4280

Mega Man X6

All Stages (Easy) in 18:32 (IGT) by Garuda

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
04/14/2021werking34 Mega Man All stages518:45 Emulator Nestopia   
04/12/2021OverlordGuillo Mega Man X4 100% (Zero)1944:55 PC    
03/02/2021LuizMiguel Mega Man X2 100% (SNES)235:03SNES    
04/11/2021Kiwami Mega Man X5 All Stages3129:25 (IGT)PS1   
04/10/2021Terran2034 Mega Man X 100%27643:33Emulator Snes9x v1.60   
04/11/2021cuttlefish05 Mega Man Zero 3 Any%1446:35Emulator bizhawk   
04/10/2021NinjaDelphox Mega Man X Legacy Collection X4 Any% (Zero)749:10 XBONE   
04/11/2021blaco0427 Mega Man X Legacy Collection X4 100% (X)546:56Switch   
04/10/2021Giocci Mega Man X Any%9734:28 Emulator Snes9x 1.59.2   
04/10/2021korv Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)3930:43 NES   
04/10/2021SomeChileanWeeb Mega Man X Legacy Collection X4 Any% (Zero)241:37 PS4   
N/AProfesorYax Mega Man X 100%11038:00 SNES    
N/AFernandoXMega Man X 100%39357:20Emulator Snex9x 1.60   
04/09/2021LuizMiguel Mega Man X7 100%11:10:35PC XLC22   
N/AKrassoskaserne Mega Man X 100%28544:02Emulator SNES9X 1.52   
04/01/2021fastatcc Mega Man 3 Any% (Buster only)142:35 NES 1   
04/09/2021Spenito Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)12432:53Emulator EverDrive64   
03/23/2021FRiSK Mega Man X1-X6 Any%13:29:39.13 Mixed Snes9X, ePSXe 2.0, Dolphin 4.0-7840, Bizhawk   
04/08/2021tosbor20 Mega Man 10 Bass (Easy)133:12 PC Legacy Collection 2   
04/08/2021Harutta Rosenkreuzstilette Any% (Tia)933:05.64PC 1.06b   
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