Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man Unlimited Any%1546:47PC12/20/2020      
Rockman 4: BCAS Any%1327:37Emulator meisen07/12/2021   3   
Rockman 3 Claw Any%739:40Emulator08/04/2020      
Rockman 2 Final Mix Any%346:41Emulator Mesen03/06/2021      
Mega Man Indonesia Artifact Any%341:59Emulator fceux05/19/2020   1   
Rockman 5 YH Any%243:38Emulator08/01/2021   1   
Mega Man 4 Voyage Any%553:56Emulator Mesen02/22/2021      
Rockman 2 : Basic Master Any% (Zipless) 1.1828:10Emulator11/26/2021   1   
Rockman Claw Any%724:26Emulator fceux08/27/2020      
Rockman VI: Unique Harassment Any%742:47Emulator FCEUX03/17/2021      
Rockman GX Any%11:00:10Emulator Mesen03/03/2021      
Rockman 4 Sparking to Hero Any%239:10Emulator meisen04/30/2021      
Rock Man 2 AS any% 1.2228:29Emulator fceuxN/A   1