Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man X4 Ultimate Armor Any%1948:48 PC PC09/30/2017      
Mega Man X5 All Stages4732:43 (IGT)PC PC10/06/2020      
Mega Man: The Power Battle Course 1~2 - Solo84:22Emulator MAME01/27/2018   1   
Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 2 (Normal, Zipless)5036:47 XBONE02/18/2024      
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Mega Man 7 (100%)31:01:33 09/16/2023      
Mega Man X Legacy Collection X4 100% (X)2053:12XBONE05/08/2024      
Mega Man X3 Zero Project 100%259:13 Emulator RetroArch 1.9.6 (Snes9x - Current)07/14/2021      
Mega Man X3 Zero Project Any% NG+144:55 Emulator Retroarch 1.8.1 (Snes9x 1.60 core)01/02/2020