Rank Runner Time Version Date Status  
1Darko 34:30 PlayStation 409/10/2019   3   
2SwapShoppe 35:09PlayStation 408/02/2019   3   
3Hunderbaum 36:22PlayStation 406/28/2019      
4T1redMonkey 36:35PC Steam06/30/2018   1   
5KLM1187 37:22 PlayStation 402/24/2017      
6kyleprecise 37:24 PC02/20/2017   1   
7Eldra 37:35 PlayStation 410/06/2016      
8Moonkues 38:35PC Steam09/16/2019      
9Creblestar 40:11 PC Steam07/30/2019      
10NaikuZx15 40:56PlayStation 404/06/2019      
11namelessdemon1977 41:05.69PlayStation 4N/A   1   
12janitus 41:34Xbox One02/23/2018      
13Jynxy41:37.75 PC done on mega man legacy for the pc on steam08/13/2019      
14cmarkplaygames42:30PC Steam03/22/2019      
15NeoRussell 42:40PlayStation 406/05/2016      
16smthngwickd 43:00 PlayStation 411/24/2018      
17RenagdeBeachCop 46:00PlayStation 401/19/2017      
18JeffG24x 56:39PC SteamN/A      
19CodyTheCodeman 1:01:48PC Steam09/10/2019      
20Charlieboy 1:04:50 PC Steam03/19/2019      
21NinjaDelphox 1:07:53 Xbox One01/26/2020      
22CriscoWild 1:08:23 Nintendo Switch11/03/2019      
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