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Mega Man

All stages in 20:39 by T1redMonkey

Mega Man 10

Any% in 35:13 by prisi

Mega Man 10

Any% in 35:19 by Darko

Mega Man X3

100% in 45:46 by darrenvile

Mega Man 4

Any% in 38:24 by Notriley4

Mega Man 6

Any% in 35:17 by Resistingframe

Mega Man Battle Network 6

Any% (Gregar) in 2:14:52 by Risch

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
04/19/2019T1redMonkey Mega Man All stages4320:39 Emulator Nestopia   
04/19/2019Dactyly Mega Man 5 Any%1835:20NES    
04/18/2019Coltaho Mega Man 9 Any%4638:32 PC LC2   
04/18/2019prisi Mega Man 10 Any%935:13 PC Legacy Collection 21   
04/16/2019RatSin Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Buster Only)1941:24 Emulator FCEUX   
04/17/2019Darko Mega Man 10 Any%1035:19 Wii1   
04/16/2019PeterAfro Rockman 5 Double Jumper Any% Dash Mode532:16 Emulator fceux 2.2.3   
04/14/2019darrenvile Mega Man X3 100%745:46SNES 1   
04/16/2019TimeLink Rockman & Forte Any% (Rockman)946:12 Emulator Snes9X v1.56.2   
04/16/2019Hopefulness Mega Man 10 Any%1735:57 Wii1   
04/13/2019FeralPigMan Mega Man X2 Any% (SNES)5536:51SNES    
04/13/2019Poisonpowder Mega Man 9 Any%4939:33.5 Switch   
04/13/2019PeterAfro Rockman 4: BCAS Any%727:13 Emulator fceux 2,2,3   
04/13/2019Wil Mega Man 10 Any%2437:12 PC Legacy Collection 21   
04/11/2019squidman Mega Man 5 Any% (Buster only)242:49 Emulator Nestopia   
04/13/2019KaiserKrister Mega Man 5 Any%4638:39 NES    
04/12/2019Notriley4 Mega Man 4 Any%1138:24 NES1   
04/12/2019Darko Mega Man 5 Any%1935:28 NES    
04/11/2019cmarkplaygamesMega Man 3 Any%9740:13Emulator Mesen   
04/09/2019JustLeeBelmont Mega Man 10 Bass647:19 PC Mega Man Legacy Collection 2   
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