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Mega Man

All stages in 19:02 by CartinaCow

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man 1 in 21:05 by Creblestar


Mega Man 4

Any% in 38:29 by Amad

Mega Man X

100% in 35:57 by poisoncurls

Mega Man 2

Any% (Normal, Zipless) in 28:50 by COOLKID


Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man 1 in 21:38.4 by HatchetMansMyth1


Mega Man 11

Any% No OoB (Normal) in 34:43 by Reabs

Date Runner Game and category Rank Time Version  
02/15/2019Creblestar Mega Man AC Mega Man 1 (Any%)121:06 GC   
02/13/2019mrcab Mega Man 11 Any% No OoB (Normal)3540:23 PC Steam   
02/11/2019squidman Mega Man 5 Any% (Buster only)444:54 Emulator Nestopia1   
02/13/2019CasualTom Mega Man 2 Any% (Difficult, Buster only)337:00 Emulator Nestopia UE   
02/14/2019Mannix86 Mega Man IV Any% Buster Only143:59 SGB2   
02/13/2019lethargicwaldoMega Man X2 Any% (SNES)7841:41 SNES    
02/13/2019Polytopes Mega Man 9 Any%2834:45PS4   
N/AVenezPrince Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)11533:48Emulator FCEUX   
02/10/2019TheRetroRunnerMega Man X 100%5837:26 SNES    
02/13/2019danygoku Mega Man X 100%24144:37Emulator snes9x 1.54   
02/12/2019AndreTheXLR8R Mega Man X 100%10138:35 SNES    
02/08/2019VenezPrince Mega Man 11 Any% No OoB (Normal)4546:26Switch   
02/12/2019CartinaCow Mega Man All stages719:02 NES2   
02/05/2019squidman Mega Man 6 Any%4540:26Emulator Nestopia   
02/12/2019Creblestar Mega Man Legacy Collection Mega Man 1121:05 PC Steam1   
02/11/2019Iraqvet0304 Mega Man 4 Any%9049:29Emulator FCEUX1   
02/11/2019Amad Mega Man 4 Any%1338:29 NES3   
02/10/2019T1redMonkey Mega Man 5 Any% (Buster only)344:52Emulator FCEUX 2.2.31   
02/08/2019darrenvile Mega Man X 100%2436:25 SNES    
N/AWMD88 Mega Man 2 Any% (Normal, Zipless)19055:53 NES   
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