Game and category Rank Time Version Date Status  
Mega Man 6 Any% (Jetpack only)453:03 NES02/24/2018      
Rockman 3 Claw Any%850:25 Emulator Everdrive10/08/2020   1   
Rockman 3 Claw Any% (Buster Only)150:25 Emulator Everdrive10/08/2020     
Rockman 5 Install Metal Any% (Buster Only)147:00 Emulator Everdrive10/18/2020      
Rockman 5 Double Jumper Buster Only140:20 Emulator Wii09/11/2019      
Rockman 3 The Last of Mushroom Kingdom Any%18:54.8 Emulator Everdrive09/02/2020   1   
Mega Man 4 Voyage Buster Only11:06:20 Emulator Wii09/04/2019      
Rockman Gaiden Buster Only130:31 Emulator Wii08/23/2019      
Rockman Gaiden Any%123:28 NES05/27/2020      
My Little Pony: Dr. Discord's Conquest Buster Only139:50 NES08/21/2020      
Mega Man Wily's Conquest 2 - Hyper Edition Turbo! Buster Only131:37 Emulator Wii01/31/2020      
Rockman Claw Any%121:47.1 Emulator Wii10/12/2019   2   
Rockman 2 Yendor Code Any%137:19 Emulator wii10/29/2019      
Rockman 6 Master X Buster Only158:45 Emulator Wii09/18/2019      
Mega Man 2 Exile Any%140:30 NES10/06/2020   2