Rank Runner Real Time Game Time Version Date Status  
1PeterAfro 36:39 Emulator ishiiruka05/13/2020      
2Coeus 36:45 PlayStation 312/24/2017      
3duckfist 36:50 WiiN/A      
4ProInfernape 37:18 24:21Xbox One11/03/2019      
58BitIsGr8 38:45 Wii09/30/2020      
6BlueImp 38:48 26:02PC LC206/19/2020      
7Moniker1717 40:45 27:57PC Steam MMLC211/25/2019      
8hydeproductions 41:44 Wii07/18/2015    
9Iraqvet0304 44:44 31:18PC steam03/29/2020      
10CriscoWild 56:09 Nintendo Switch08/15/2018      
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